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1. Payment On Delivery:
After the completion of a project, a link will be sent to clieent for preview and corrections after which payment must be made to us.

2. Once payment is confirmed, client's website will be hosted and handed over within 24 hours.

3. We have the right to continue or stop any project without prior notice to client.

4. It is not our responsibility to investigate the purpose of a client's project. Therefore we won't be held responsible for any damage caused by a project handled by us for a client.

5. This promo only covers the package subscribed to. Any additional request not included in the selected package attracts an extra charges.

6. Projects will be delivered in three days if required content is available.

7. Content Development: if clients require us to create content for a project an extra charge of N10.000 is attracted.

NOTE: You can send images and your company profile to  Make sure you use your name or company’s name as the subject.

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